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Are you fond of spending some time in the aura of our rich Indian heritage? Isn't the man's artistic genius shown on various tangible items already in a wobbly state? We all ponder over the idea, let out a deep sigh, and get back to our routine life. If the similar attitude was shown by Mr. Surendra C. Patel, the creator of the utensils museum named as VECHAAR (Vishalla Environmental Centre for Heritage of Art, Architecture and Research), Ahmedabad would not have the age-old, rich collection of utensils collected from all the parts of India .
VECHAAR (Charitable Trust) is in the premises of the popular village-like designed restaurant - Vishala. This is a non-profit venture set up to gather and maintain the creative brilliance of the craftsmen, who worked hard to produce such outstanding pieces of utensils. One might wonder – “Why a utensils museum?”

Well. The birth of VECHAAR (Charitable Trust) is very much related to Vishalla. After three years of inception of Vishalla, i.e. in the year 1981, the interior designer and owner of Vishalla -Mr. Surendra C. Patel, went to ‘Saurashtra', a part of Gujarat , in search of old utensils to give an ethnic touch to the place. There he came across craftsmen who were melting brass utensils to sell and get its worth. The sensitive designer was moved by this incident. He felt and understood what we were losing in the process – our heritage, creative work revealing the brilliance of human skills, the wonder of man's creativity! Mr. Jyontindra Jain was one of his acquaintances and friend. The idea struck to consult the matter with him, as who else could give better advice on the matter! The step was well taken, as the idea was more than welcomed by Mr. Jain. Their dedication and sincere efforts is standing in the form of VECHAAR (Charitable Trust) before us. It is a public charitable trust, and all heartfelt aid, in terms of donation or your personal contribution of vessels to add to the museum's growth, is most welcome.
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