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The Nut crackers/cutters section can be deemed as the most exquisite section. You will not be able to capture the variety and beauty put on display through them in one glance. It takes time to let the extraordinary art sink into our synthetic mind. The simple ones are kept on the sides, and the artistic ones cover the center. Dilate your eye balls, and you will notice them in the shape of birds, animals, angels, couples shown in ‘Mithun' pose, etc. There are musical ones too, with small pretty bells attached to it to produce sound when the nut is cracked or cut. 

These are made of different materials like brass, copper, iron, German silver, elephant teeth, etc but the blade is made of iron. This is to keep it sharpened to serve its use. The size is another amazing part; they range from 1 inch to 18 inches. The collection relatively has more of nut cutters than nut crackers. The nut cutters were used to cut beetle nuts, while nut crackers were used for walnut.

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